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Channl Letter Signage Manufacturer & Supplier

Boe Sign is a signage company situated in Shenzhen, China and is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of all types of signage. We specialize in letter signs, LED illuminated letters, back-illuminated letters, stainless steel letters, and other signage requirements with precision. Since the very beginning of our service, we have been providing business-specific customized solutions to our clients to give a new outlook to their brands.

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For the past few years, we have accumulated a lot of experience working with clients belonging to different industries. We understood what the clients need in terms of modern signage to survive the cutthroat competition in the contemporary market. In order to make our ventures successful and utilize resources optimally, we inspect material, study the features of a brand comprehensively and introduce our skills to prepare the best signage. It is our products that make our clients’ brands shine and rise high.

Our team members are highly efficient and experienced in understanding what the clients need. We are proud to cite that our elegant workmanship and masterpieces have crossed international boundaries to reach France, Germany, the UK, the USA, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Singapore, etc. We have been able to leave our mark on different continents and successfully made our international clientele happy with results. We provide a one-stop solution for such requirements covering designing, manufacturing and delivering the items anywhere in the world.

We relentlessly give effort to learn and include new signage technologies, find more sustainable material, and add more value to our service. Our expert team responds to every query within an hour. We are proud to serve clients spread worldwide with our solutions. Our customer support team is available 24/7 to aid clients regarding any query or issue.

With the addition of our elegant signage solutions, we intend to provide the following benefits to your business.

  • Proper visibility in the market
  • Building a brand in the market using modern signage elements
  • Differentiating your brand from the crowd with top customized signage solutions
  • Divert and grab attention of onlookers to get more footfall on the business floor


With our strict and unbiased operations, we inspect every element of a project to deliver the best results. It is our privilege to be your signage partner and provide you the best and the latest solutions within a week of your request. Reach us with your requirement and let us give you the best quotes in the market.

Call us at +86-18589032757 to learn more about the excellent benefits of our service.


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Blade is a smooth and charming, visually stunning and very malleable and flexible, highly graphically customizable and very well structured, solidlybuilt and extremely reliable.


Innovation is simple, it means doing things.

Blade is a smooth and charming, visually stunning and very malleable and flexible, highly graphically customizable and very well structured, solidlybuilt and extremely reliable.


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