Acrylic Cut Out Letters / Perspex Letters

Perspex or Plexiglas is also known as acrylic. This material is ideal to design and manufacture logos, branding images, letters, etc due to its glass-like appearance and lightweight features. This material is available in different thicknesses and can withstand any climatic condition offering absolute optical clarity.

Acrylic lettering is one of the latest signage choices used worldwide. Its flexible nature and easy-to-mould features are used to prepare any design requested by clients. Corporate houses, restaurants, commercial spaces, etc use this big 3D lettering signage to avail of more exposure and promote their brands in a busy district.

These letters are cut using laser and polished for a better finish. The lightweight 3D letters can be easily cut, assembled, and coloured as per the design.

Features of acrylic letters:

  • Acrylic is ideal for exterior and interior signage purposes.
  • The material is UV resistant and can withstand any weather conditions for a long period.
  • Edges are cut using laser for brilliant finish and polished.
  • Any typeface of logo and/or letters can be achieved.

Acrylic Letter Styles:

Acrylic Letter Types Samples
Flat Cut Acrylic Letters *4.5mm thick white letters
*3mm thick black letters
Flat Cut Acrylic Letter With Vinyl Face *10mm clear base with vinyl face
*10mm white base with vinyl face
Crystal Acrylic Letters *Black Crystal Letters
*Blue Crystal Letters(1)
*Blue Crystal Letters(2)
*Multi-color Crystal Letters

Acrylic Sheet Colours and Thickness:

Standard sheet size: 1220mm x 2440mm

The logo typeface and letter design can be easily achieved and matching PMS colour can be done.

Mount styles: Stand-off or flush mount.

Installation instruction: The design will come with instructions depending on the type of mounting chosen.

Faster turnaround time: Once the artwork design is approved, it takes only 3-5 business days to turn around and complete the manufacturing. The shipping days will be counted extra.

Peel and stick acrylic letters: Peel and stick acrylic letters are ideal for quick decoration and brand presentation requirements. These letters are made of acrylic sheets with clear adhesive on the back surface. All you have to do is to peel the protective cover and stick the letters on walls or boards. The adhesive is capable of sticking to any smooth surface. This acrylic lettering style is highly cost-effective and time-efficient.

Peel and stick letters are ideal for doors, glass, office all, countersign, letterbox, etc.

Thickness: For black and white colours, 3mm, 4.5mm, and 6mm sheets are available. For other colours, only 3mm sheets are available.

Smart stencil can also be added to the manufactured items for DIY installation guidance. The product will come with the respective installation instruction for the ease of users.