Choose Metal Cut Out Letters Good Enough to Carry a lifetime Guarantee.

Boe Sign has the ideal metal-cut letter manufacturing unit that can comprehend with any design provided by clients. We are proud to depict that our clients belong to a diverse list of domains spread across the world. Over the years, we have become a trusted signage manufacturer for corporations, contractors, organizations, and businesses all over the world.

We offer a plethora of options for metal sheets used to manufacture letters.

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Cor-Ten steel
  • Bronze

Our letters have that unique metallic tinge making your brand logo look rich and glamorous. Al our metal-cut letter solutions come with a lifetime guarantee. We use water jets for precision and use advanced polishing techniques that last forever. The sheets vary from 1/8” to 1” inch in thickness. The height of letters varies from ½” to 72”.

Our cast metal letters backlit metal letters, or fabricated stainless steel letters come with a brilliant finish matching the design approved by you.

Order online now…

It is now easy to reach us. Get faster response and an excellent quote for putting an order online. Check different font styles, sizes, material, and other features on our website to decide accordingly. You can also build your brand-specific sign online.

Installation is easy

Our metal-cut letters can be easily installed for the features we include in the design. These letters can be installed on any surface such as stone wall, dry wall, metal siding, exterior brick wall, stucco, etc. We provide a thread of stud mounts that holds the letter protruded from the surface adding a 3D drop-shadow effect. The letters will also come with spacers to make the letters float on the wall. The paper installation template will guide you during drilling holes on the surface.

Browse by material:

Cut Aluminum Letters

Aluminium is the most popular material chosen by our clients. The surface is available in customized PMS colour, natural satin, polished, or anodized forms. This material is ideal for cost-effective solid lettering for your brand’s signage.

Cut Brass Letters

Brass cut letters look rich and highly professional. This classic choice stays the same unaffected and holds your brand’s image perfectly. It can be availed in a satin/brushed or polished look.

Cut Bronze Letters

Cut bronze letters can pass the test of time maintaining their elegance. These letters can be availed of in polished, brushed, oxidized, and patina finishes.

Cut Stainless Steel Letters

We use 316 and 304 marine-grade stainless steel alloy sheets to manufacture corrosion-resistant long-lasting 3D letters for your brand promotion.

Corten Steel Letters

Cor-ten stainless steel is used for an antique finish you want on your brand’s logo and letters. This rusty feature will give a classic vintage look to your brand.

Cut Copper Letters

Brushed or polished copper letters are manufactured according to the design plan approved by our clients.